Chemistry of Dynamic Molecules Laboratory

Welcome to our website!

 Here is "Chemistry of Dynamic Molecules" Laboratory (Prof. Takamasa SAGARA's group and Prof. Hiroto MURAKAMI's group) in Nagasaki University, Japan.


Message to scientists who would like to apply for a postdoctoral or invitation fellowship position in our laboratory:

  1. First of all, please visit Website of our lab. Please try to understand what is (and has been) going on herein. Also refer to our papers published (a list is available on our Website).
  2. Presently, we have no grant to accept a postdoctoral scientist immediately. But on the basis of agreement between one of us and the applicant, we are happy to apply for JSPS fellowships (Check up at the Website of JSPS ""). In these 4 years, we have won one "JSPS Postdoctoral Fellowship for Foreign Researchers" as well as one "JSPS Invitation Fellowship Programs for Research in Japan: Long Term").
  3. Professor Sagara has been receiving every week a number of e-mails with attached Vitae inquiring about the consideration possibility for postdoctoral positions. But Professor Sagara cannot respond to all the inquiries. Please first understand what is going on in our lab. Then, include in the e-mail: (i) Why the applicant would like to make research here in our lab at Nagasaki University, (ii) What he (she) would like to do here (describe tentative research plan at least briefly: we will keep it confidential for others), (iii) Scientific backgrounds as well as research skills. Only when these are written relevantly in the e-mail, Pro. Sagara (or Prof. Murakami or Dr. Tahara) may respond to those who send e-mails.
  4. To forge an agreement on the application to JSPS programs, we attach importance to the following points: (i) Scientific background, especially, one or more in the following fields: physical chemistry, electrochemistry, organic synthesis, polymer science, supramolecular chemistry, interfacial chemistry, (ii) Advancing aspects in the proposed research plan based on the appealing ideas of applicants, (iii) Matching of research topics and availability to conduct the research in our lab., (iv) Conditions to make hard works, i.e. scientific and personal ability to concentrate on the research, (v) Content of the honest and understrained reference letter about the applicant from a senior chemist or physicist who knows well about the applicant. In our process of consideration, we will interview the applicant via e-mail or telephone.
  5. Note again: To e-mail which does not include (i)-(iii) in (3) above, we cannot respond.